Animal Comedy


Ice ice baby. Whether it's cold or diamonds, we've got all the chilly and scintillating jokes and puns to warm your heart.

He's got good form, though.

hockey pig puns ice funny animals - 8590054912
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The Solution? Less Blubbering, More Blubber

seal cold ice - 8458709248
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Pour Me a Glass

drinking crows puns ice - 8066844928
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I Do Science for Fish

cute cold ice snow science penguins - 8034465792
By Unknown

Growing at Breakneck Speed

Babies cute family ice penguins parents - 8021416192
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Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

physics walruses light ice funny - 8020784384
By Unknown

He Caught Him With his Bear Hands

fish ice catch funny - 7948792064
By Unknown

I Dare You to Pick Up This Spare

bowling ice dare snow funny penguins - 7946266880
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Who Has the Better Penguin Suit?

antarctica cold ice jobs funny penguins - 7946745088
By Unknown

Polar Bears are the Strongest and Friendliest of Bears

polar bears help ice friendly - 7856337920
By Unknown

You Otter Know the Difference

puns cute otters ice - 7831864064
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I'll Believe It When I Slip

penguins cute ice - 7830426880
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Great...Better Learn to Read

signs polar bears ice - 7829761280
By Unknown

Don't Forget the Cocktail Sauce!

complaining shrimp otters ice pointing - 7124681216
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Honestly, Could You Do Any Better?

crashing puns ducks ice flying - 7110895616
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Fortunately, He Likes a Puzzle Before He Eats

polar bear ice apples - 7101899776
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