Animal Comedy


Can You Use the Can Opener?

big bowl buffalo cat eating food how hungry scratching - 6515588864
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Dinner Seems to be Late Tonight

dinner eating hungry mountain lion - 6046623232
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No Time to Swallow!

hungry noms ostrich - 8286717696
Via Dump a Day

That Was Just an Appetizer for the Main Meal...

hungry scary - 8082242304
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I'll Make an Exception Just this Once

hungry diet shy raccoons - 7762766080
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I Think He Noticed...

hungry tigers shocked - 7762615296
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They Must be Chicken

cat hungry chicken - 7792738816
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I'm Hungry

hungry bear lunch - 5766219264
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And Don't forget the Bacon

cheezburger hungry tired koalas food eucalyptus - 6999786240
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I've Never Seen a Fresh One Before

hungry mcnuggets chickens Cats wild - 6967579648
By Unknown

No Use Hiding, I Can Smell It

sea otters hungry otters who fish - 6967073280
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Your Favorite Snack is Everyone's Favorite Snack

hungry best asking pardon me snow squirrels - 6935467264
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No, Can't Say That I Have.

excuse me hungry snow cold squirrel nuts no - 6946133248
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Hint Hint

hungry smell baby animals food hinting giraffes - 6945793536
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Whether You're Offering or Not

hungry donut nose deer food - 6884503808
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Got Any More?

hungry snack computer lynx mouse - 6725084928
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