Animal Comedy


I'm green with envy. Not to be mistaken with blue da ba dee da ba dai. 

Kermit was Mistaken

green kermit chameleon lizard - 8396191232
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Want Some Chips With Your Gator Guac?

aligator green gross - 8080826624
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Smooth Sailing Over Here

green muppets lilypad easy lying frogs - 6944415488
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Keep Petting, Honey

petting lizards green easy iguanas happy - 6931043584
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What Kind of Grass is That, Exactly?

awesome drugs dude grass green high monkey - 6510952960
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Kermit Should Have Stayed in the Swamp

best of the week captions frog green Hall of Fame its-not-easy-being-green laying relaxed - 6369411072
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Shouldn't Have Skipped My Last Checkup

broken chameleon green lizard - 6267306240
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Eat First, Ask Questions Later

Cats eat fool green praying mantis vegetables - 6138132736
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You're Looking a Little Green

best of the week frog frogs green Hall of Fame lily pad lying down puns sick - 6140633856
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St Patricks' Nom

food green hamster nom - 5969772032
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I Would Make a Much Better Present Than a Dead Bouquet

bird green parrot - 5862373120
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Not Surprised At All

green nicki minaj rabbit rabbits roflrazzi - 5481214464
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