Animal Comedy


Hmmm...That Always Seems to Work...

computer gophers it - 7983521792
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That Would Solve All of Your Problems Right There

gophers tech support - 7016107264
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Desperate Times

gophers addiction smoking desperate Prairie Dogs - 6854744064
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I Keep Eatin' the Inventory.

cheese gophers gift package burp holiday eating lost Prairie Dogs - 6836945152
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Tech Support

captions device gopher gophers slow tech support - 6544508160
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Seems to Work Pretty Well

chocolate gophers kissing note to self nuts - 6442235904
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Gotta Give Deez Nutz Some Room to Breathe!

animals birds double entendres gophers I Can Has Cheezburger nuts rodents - 5079274496
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No, you need an ATM card, Dude

gophers heaven nuts prarie dogs - 6528273152
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