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10 text images from Reddit AITA post about parents wanting to stay in the pet room | thumbnail features two side by side images, on the left a woman raises her hand to her husband while her child cries in the foreground, on the right is a screenshot of one of the text images from the post, overlaid text reads "AITA not letting my parents move with me, because I don't want to give up my pets' room? / Not the A-hole"

Poor Woman On Reddit Has To Choose Between Pets Or Parents

Sorry, No Vacancy
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You're Gonna Be King Someday

lions bigger fight friend cubs - 6842822400
See all captions By Unknown

Stay Strong Birdkind

birds rebel fight seagull - 8479667712
See all captions By clofff

Next Time it Will be the Whole Cat!

birds fight Cats - 8094808064
See all captions By penelopesdad

What Happens When a 400lb Gorilla Decides You're in His Personal Space?

come at me bro fight punch gorilla - 8444374016
Via dailymail

Some Things are Universal

animals leopard thanksgiving fight Cats - 8387255552
See all captions By katkabob

The Living Room Was Destroyed That Night

fight kung fu hedgehog Cats - 8376817664
See all captions By Unknown

The Age-Old Mystery is Finally Solved

crocodile fight shark animals - 8281220608
Via Dump a Day

Don't Have a Cow!

cows fight puns scary - 8252391936
See all captions By mamawalker

I'll Make Your Black Eye Start Puffin'!

attack birds fight funny puffin - 7961481472
By iamnotapapercup

Arise, My Crustacean Brothers, and Fight!

pencil fight lab lobsters - 7934928384
By Unknown

Battle of the Century

ostriches fight angry Grumpy Cat - 6930190080
See all captions By furrgetmenot

I'd Like to Thank me Muddah...

cat chair fight scratched tiger - 6531396608
See all captions By TuckerBentley

I'll Miss Him

chair fight mine tiger winner - 6532242944
See all captions By Stinkyray

Cat Fight Cheerleaders

bite cheerleaders cubs fight lions - 6460354304
See all captions By LaCucarachaBob

I'm in Trouble Now

attack cat fight lobster trouble - 6420681472
See all captions By rucussing
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