Animal Comedy


That's Just an Appetizer

eat moms buffalo Cats funny - 8030328064
See all captions By mamawalker

S'long as I Had Sides and Dessert.

bison buffalo captions Cats dinner eat feed noms - 6516838400
See all captions By DyannLynn

Arctic Counseling

arctic eat penguin psychiatrist whale - 6402456576
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cat eat guinea pig love - 6388104192
See all captions By xogyra2

Is It Still in My Teeth?

eat jack-olantern mongoose mouth pumpkins teeth - 6393409536
See all captions By HokieGirl74

It's Not Funny Anymore

eat kick lake lion play soccer threat water - 5789729536
See all captions By heylookasquirrel

I'm Putting My Talons Down!

baby bird eat gross kids talons worm - 6167187456
See all captions By Alphawolfe111

Eat First, Ask Questions Later

Cats eat fool green praying mantis vegetables - 6138132736
See all captions By Suzi_sMom

You Were, Weren't You?

eat lions nom suspicion talking - 6050558720
See all captions By beernbiccies

Easter Must be Confusing for Bunnies

Bunday bunnies bunny candy chocolate easter eat eggs what - 6053453568
By WiseAzz70

It Would Be So Helpful Right Now

bear danger dream eat fish food nom river wish - 6034361344
See all captions By seattley3k

Terrence the Terrible Tortoise

banana children eat evil food hungry nom take over the world tortoise turtle - 6005422592
See all captions By ajbath

I Prefer Bite-Size

cat eat food friend hamster hungry kitten nom - 5969530368
See all captions By Berndts

Sloths Have a Very, Very Dark Streak

brains creepy cute die eat evil sloths wtf - 5932841216
See all captions By Green.Banana

I Mean, I'll Eat It If You Won't

eat food hungry jerk koala nom - 5938564096
See all captions By Zangetsu67

That's What I'm Talkin' Bout

eat food nom strawberry tortoise turtle yum - 5798398720
See all captions By jesse1cute
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