Animal Comedy


What the Hell Happened Last Night?

alcohol drinking drunk guitar Hall of Fame wtf - 5390141184
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I Don't Trust Him

chameleon drinking drunk googly eyes Hall of Fame officer oops police - 5443678720
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You Know Her Well Enough...

booze drink drinking drinks drunk historic lols innuendo liquor sexy time - 5298431488
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So, it's PBR?

alcohol beer drinking drinks elephant pool swimming pool - 5210637824
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Don't Mention it, Little Fella!

alcohol anteater delicious drinking drunk i love you wine - 5277980416
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I had to, it goes bad once it's opened...

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You Don't Know What That Word Means, Do You?

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What a Coincidence, Harold!

animals birds drinking feeding flamingos I Can Has Cheezburger stalkers stalking - 5264427520
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What's He Got That I Don't Got?

animals bars beer depressed drinking i has a hotdog relationships Sad - 5286384384
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Ahh... Da Good Ol' Days!

Babies cigarettes drinking historic lols kids light smoking - 5242153216
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First Prize Is a New Liver!!!

alcohol costume drinking historic lols - 5232492800
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Sombrero for Tequila, Top Hat for Scotch, Trucker Hat for Beer...

alcohol animals Cats drinking hats I Can Has Cheezburger problem silly tequila - 5106202624
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No, Gracias, Gatito!

alcohol animals Cats drinking I Can Has Cheezburger pickup lines sombrero tequila - 5113452544
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Seven Adorable Regrets

animals birth Cats condoms drinking drunk I Can Has Cheezburger litter regrets sex - 5073980160
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Och, These Wee Bairns Cannae Handle Whisky!

alcohol Babies drinking kids scotland - 5044644608
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To Each His *Hic* Own

Bird drinking from a cup
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