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15 animal tweets, | thumbnail blue background "LeilaFox High-Mage LeiLei @LeilaFoxNation Replying to @PaladinAmber Animals are funny! A lady brought her parrot to the vet thinking it was dying - the vet laughed, said the only thing sick about the bird was it's sense of humor. She had been sick, so the parrot was mimicking her recent coughing/vomiting/sneezing sounds & actions...for laughs "

Animals Faking Various Illnesses And Doing Other Ridiculous Things All In Pursuit Of Attention

Silly billy drama queens and kings
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Singing Chihuahuas Blow Whitney Houston and Celine Dion Out of the Water With Amazing, and Viral, Lip Synching Performance

My heart will go on…
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A TikTok and 13 funny comments about a husky dog that is mad at his human for getting another dog 8 years ago | Thumbnail includes a husky looking up at the camera and a husky laying on a carpet 'He wants me to move the table so he doesn't have to walk by Henry because he's still bitter about me bringing Henry home 8 years ago. Henry:'

Husky Is Still Mad At His Hooman For Getting Another Husky 8 Years Ago

Husky drama and sass
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "So a few weeks ago a family friend came to me asking if I'd being willing to watch their pets/house while they were away for the weekend for a family trip. Let it be known they also foster pets and they had a full house (20 some animals). I said yes as I love their pets (I had pet/house sat for them before), plus I love animals in general and I already had booked the exact days off from work for another reason"

Petsitter Calls Out Sick One Day Prior To Gig, Pet Owner Totally Loses It On Him

Not an ideal situation
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5 funny TikTok videos about dramatic and mischievous dogs | Thumbnail includes a white poodle, a black dog standing in the forest, and a golden retriever holding a toy while sitting in a car 'THE DRAMA When dad has to go back to the store to pay for the toy he didn't noticed you grabbed and carried out...'

Weekly Dose Of Doggo Delight: Drama, Mischief, And Theft

No one does drama better than doggos
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background, text "Today I took my two dogs on a walk. I have a ~50 lb black mouth cur/pit rescue and a cockapoo. I rounded the end of my street and walked by a house that had a boy about 6/7 years old with a few adults (I'm guessing two aunties or grandmas) with him. One of the aunties pointed my dogs out to him. He smiled, I waved and kept walking. As I made it past their house, my dogs whipped around and started barking at something while"

Man Goes Off On Unsupervised Kid For Sprinting Towards His Dogs, Kid's Dad Gets Unreasonably Defensive

Keep your kid on a leash if you can't control it, Brad
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10 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text " pick up times and for the past three times they have shown up over an hour past closing time to pick up their dogs. The first time they said it was because they forgot, the second time it was because of their kids and the third and undisclosed emergency. I let it slide all three times but the third time I warned them I wouldn't let it go this next time. "

Dog Groomer Gets Fed Up With Late Pick Ups, Drops Dog At Local Shelter Until Owner Bothers To Answer

Just rude
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "She turned around and there was a fucking tarantula on the back of her hat, two of its giant mobile spider legs were raised and I was out of there. I beat feet and sprinted out the door and down to the end of the driveway."

Selfish GF Fails To Mention To Arachnophobe BF That Their Party Host Has A Penchant For Spiders

Not cool
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10 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background, text "My step-dad said that I could leave her here and that he'll take care of her, but I said no, because again, she's mine. My mom said that my sister was crying and that they promise to keep me updated and I could visit Naboris whenever I want, I said no again. We went back and forth and my mom said that I shouldn't take a little girl's dog and I said "she's not hers, my dad gave Naboris to me, she's mine."

Teen Plans To Move Out With Her Dog, Parents Try To Guilt Her Into Leaving Dog At Home For Sister's Benefit

Nah fam
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "I told him everything. That I'm freaked out over what's wrong with Bella because they've done these tests and they don't know what's up. Finally he fucking tells me he's been LYING about the whole thing. Bella does go but he just didn't wanna pick up the poop. He didn't tell me because he knew I'd get mad since they only walk around this block; which means he's been letting her go on the neighbors yards and not picking it up."

Dude Hires His Brother To Dog Walk As A Favor, Loses It When He Discovers His Bro Has Been Lying About The Dog's Health

Well, he tried to help
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "They brung the cat to the vet and the ones that stayed behind started scolding me. When they got the vet bills they told me to pay for it and saying this was my fault. I told them this wasn't my fault and they should've been responsible cat owners and listened when i told them to keep their cats off of my property."

Dog Owning Dude Warns Neighbors Of Letting Cats Onto His Property, Neighbors Don't Listen, Send Dude Fat Vet Bill

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12 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text " I just said no. The dog can stay in the car. My SIL then tried to play off the service dog sob story about how she needs an emotional support animal, to which I responded she should actually get a real service dog. Then she started debating about how the dog would have a panic attack in the car. Yeah, nothing quite screams service animal like "will flip out if left alone for two minutes.""

Sister In Law Gets Turned Away For Bringing Poorly Behaved 'Service Dog' To Family Event, Drama Ensues

Interesting, very interesting
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue  which I am not. Because like I said (a month before) I've had that week booked with another dog for nearly a year. My mom rolled her eyes and asked me to cancel on them. I am not canceling because my parents decided to travel at the last minute. I said this directly to her face. They are also going somewhere dog friendly, so it's not that they can't take her with them, they'd just prefer not to take the 15 year old dog"

Entitled Parents Don't Understand Why Adult Child Does Not Cancel All Commitments To Watch Their Dog While They Vacation

Not cool fam
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10 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "When I brought my boyfriend over to my place. Brandy started growling and barking at him. I've never seen her act like that before. She doesn't react to the mailman. My boyfriend wants me to re-home her or he's out."

Delusional Dude Gives Girlfriend Ultimatum: It's Him Or The Dog, She Claps Back

Think again
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14 reddit text images, dog poop neighbor debacle | thumbnail blue background text "I scooped a poop that seemed larger than most of my dog's. I figured maybe I had given too many treats. Idk. Didn't think much of it. A week later, I was doing my daily poop scooping again when I noticed ANOTHER really large pile"

Disgruntled Dude Gets Petty Revenge On Neighbor After Neighbor's Dog Poops Repeatedly In Dude's Yard

Petty and hilarious, justice is served
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11 reddit text images, comparing pet ownership to parenthood | thumbnail blue background "watch his dog for that amount of time. Can't take his dog to a kennel because she doesn't have all of her shots, she also refuses to use the restroom outdoors, she's not a puppy) During the same convo he says to me "oh my goodness I can't wait to get back to her, it's so crazy being a parent. All the sacrifices we have to make go unappreciated...""

Delusional Dude Compares Having A Puppy To His Sister's Experience As A Parent (Of Human Children)

In what world is he living in
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