Animal Comedy


Hedgehogs Find a Way

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Cuteness Attacks!

costume cute dinosaur pretend turtle - 8048884480
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Hedgie Diagnostics

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By jennybookseller

New Species of Dinosaur

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Mmm, Dinosaur!

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Resorts to Squirrel Version of a Blow Up Doll

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They Were All Out of CPR Dummies

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And it Was Good

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And Some Listerine!

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By elizabuff

A Pretty Big One at That...

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As Interpreted by The Creation Museum

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Man, F*** these tiny baby arms. I should've gotten LifeAlert.

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Spawning a New Generation

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So, That's Why They Think Humans and Dinosaurs Lived Together! I Get It Now!

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Awww, Poor Baby

awww depressing dinosaur jesus - 5331172608
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