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42 pictures of food, dogs, and comments, and one video of dogs and food | Thumbnail includes three pictures including 'Dog - B MICKEY what my Korean mother feeds my dog', 'Food - MICKEY and that their life is a bit easier hospit', and 'Wood', and one comment including 'Font - obsrv_design 5d 1,587 likes I'd eat that Reply'

"My Mom Feeds My Dog Better Than She Fed Me": Video Of Korean Mom Who Prepares Full On Meals For Her Daughter's Dog Shows That A Mother's Love Never Stops

Gourmet meal for a gourmet pup <3
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He Makes Everything in the Slow Cooker

cooking chef turtles slow tortoise dinner - 7989083392
Created by Unknown

He Was Starting to Get Suspicious

cooking water aquarium crayfish - 6679857408
See all captions Created by Sylviag

How Do You Mess Up Raw Fish?

advice bear cooking food gross note to self sick - 6406126592
See all captions Created by YesSirmam

You Know I'm Not That Kind of Pig

butter cooking eating guinea pig preparing wrong - 6035415296
See all captions Created by Chris10a

You Are a Terrible Cook!

bunnies bunny cooking honey mistakes recipe sounds like - 5917906432
See all captions Created by DukesUp

How To Make Cinammon Bunbuns

cooking cute kitchen nom rabbit squee - 5922585856
See all captions Created by jjisMii

He Won't if it's Ricin...

cooking historic lols no thanks poison wife - 5641056512
See all captions Created by voden1980

It's Going to be Using That More Often!

art awesome cooking excited happy high historic lols marijuana mom stoned vintage weed - 5681544704
See all captions Created by dotmatrix76

Uggh, Not Again

cooking oops - 5709892608
Via lol

Step 2: Chase Cat to Get Food Back

cat cooking I Can Has Cheezburger kitchen - 5688899328
See all captions Created by Unknown

Breakfast, Anyone...?

cooking drugs high historic lols mom - 5645331712
See all captions Created by beernbiccies

I Got it From Lance Himself!

animals cooking food lobster - 5422969856
Via reddit

The Proiest of Pro-Tips!

baking cooking delicious drugs historic lols kitchen vintage - 5403726592
Created by xyzpdq1

Watch closely son Soon you'll be a douche like me

child cooking roflrazzi sunglasses - 5317658624
See all captions Created by Unknown

How To Filet A Philanderer

cooking historic lols vintage - 5106533888
See all captions Created by MajorMalfunction
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