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2 TikTok videos and 2 comments about a dog that steals clothes from his parents and then wears them | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a dog staring into the camera and the same dog but wearing a red towel 'You steal wear it'

Hoomans Punish Doggo For Stealing Their Clothes By Dressing Him Up In Everything He Stole

He's modeling his new clothes
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Wait! Do I Even Wear Clothes?

clothes funny gorilla - 7591478016
Created by AngelAndz ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

A Grizzly Thought

bears stuck teeth thinking wish clothes - 7007930112
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

I Hate Being Dressed by Humans

horse cold clothes - 6593784064
See all captions Created by momofzoo

I'm HUGE, Huh?

aardvark big clothes muscles strong working out - 6556494592
See all captions Created by DJAussie

That'll Be the Day

clothes crap in the woods ticket - 6366674176
See all captions Created by PrincessWordplay

Can you believe what she's wearing?

chickens clothes complain costume girls gossip hens outfits - 5910066944
See all captions Created by Unknown


bra cat clothes clothing Deal With It sunglasses T.Shirt - 5773178624
Created by Unknown

Lemme Weave You Something Classy

clothes clothing naked Spider-Man - 5485704704
See all captions Created by Zoidbergshallnotbe

That'll Teach My Sister to Borrow My Clothes Without Asking!

animals Cats closets clothes clothing I Can Has Cheezburger protection scary wtf - 5179945728
See all captions Created by Unknown

You Are the Worst Housekeeper I've Ever Had

animals Cats clothes clothing floor I Can Has Cheezburger mess rude shirts - 5157193216
Via Pleated Jeans

Yeah, 'cuz That'll Work

clothes please prayer - 5352628480
Via I Raff, I Ruse