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Who cut the cheese? Seriously that reeks. Better air it out, or maybe grab a milder wheel to balance it out. These cheesy puns will have you groaning in no time, so don't go anywhere, and don't cut any more cheese.

39 pictures of dog teefies

Teefies Galore: 39 Good Boi & Gal Doggos Who Love To Flash Their Pearly Whites

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22 pictures of smiling animals

20+ Happy Camper Animals Saying Cheese For The Camera & Showing Off Their Winning Smiles

Say cheeeeeese
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16 pictures of dogs and text and 1 video of dogs and text | Thumbnail includes 4 pictures including 'Dog - The cheese tax', 'Dog - our gonna pay the cheese tax Every time you're cookin'', 'Carnivore - And when the cheese drawer opens You gotta pay the tax CALCION EMPORIUM BRITISH MATURE CHEDDAR 408ge RD WINNING LOCKERBY CREAME 9 10.05.2023' and 'Font - boodevonfrenchie The Tax is high in this house'

Our Spring Bop: The Cheese Tax, A Hilarious Dog Video That Shows The Snack Tax We Pay To Our Dogs For Their Cuteness (Pictures & Video)

Gotta pay the cheese tax, cheese tax (it's addictive, we're warning you)
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12 smiling animals | thumbnail left llama smiling, thumbnail right koala smiling

Upbeat Series Of Happy Animals Flashing Their Cheesiest Grins For The Camera

Smile for the camera
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14 pictures of sleeping puppies and their paws | Thumbnail includes a close up picture of a brown dog's paws and a picture of another brown dog sleeping on a turquoise blanket and sticking its tongue out

Doggo Delight: 14 Precious Puppies Snooze While Marinating Their Paws To Smell Like Popcorn And Other Cheezy Goodness

If you know you know
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A TikTok video and 18  funny comments about a woman who ate the last slice of cheese and her mom made her apologise to their dog because it was meant for her | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a curly haired woman holding her aussie dog

Mom Demands Daughter To Apologize To The Family Doggo For Eating The Last Slice Of Cheese

Top notch parenting right here
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A compilation of 5 tiktok videos with rats doing random things | Thumbnail includes three rats; one eating, one kissing a human, and one eating a snowball 'Look at those tiny hands 🥰 mlem Little snowball'

A Ratalicious Tiktok Compilation Of Romance, Rebelliance, And Reactions

Rats should not be slept on
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Never Heard That One Before!

cheese mice mouse - 8189122048
See all captions Created by two_go

Those Aren't Raisins...

cheese poop gross mice - 8163897600
See all captions Created by violetD

What a Delicious Predicament

cheese birds - 7866876928
See all captions Created by Unknown

Should Have Known Better

cheese birds cute sniff - 7162265088
See all captions Created by venusdemilo

Prepare For a Slow, Painful Death, THING!

cheese bird funny - 7649134336
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Every Picture Day It's the Same

cheese lion funny smile - 7552932096
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If You Have to Ask...

annoyed rats cheese eating Cats mistake waking up - 6887006208
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The Legends Were True

cheese mine true oh my god mice - 6863837184
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I Keep Eatin' the Inventory.

cheese gophers gift package burp holiday eating lost Prairie Dogs - 6836945152
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