Animal Comedy


"Hurry, human"

animals cat wings human look buffalo caption - 8795904512
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Can You Use the Can Opener?

big bowl buffalo cat eating food how hungry scratching - 6515588864
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Home on the Range

baby animals buffalo squee - 8359282944
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Go Play With The Deer & The Antelope, Would Ya?

Songs buffalo funny - 8288121344
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That's Just an Appetizer

eat moms buffalo Cats funny - 8030328064
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Umm...Yeah, Not You

TV buffalo funny - 7869414656
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Badass Buffalo Anatomy

anatomy Badass buffalo funny - 7622577408
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Though in Hindsight, it's Painfully Clear

difference attack courage buffalo Cats stupidity - 6920509184
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Feel Lucky?

buffalo cat dangerous eating food lucky question stalking - 6553169664
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I Shall Make Him My Dinner

buffalo cat dinner food hungry Staring - 6521949952
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They Lied at the Bar

bar buffalo cat confused food lied - 6520139264
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S'long as I Had Sides and Dessert.

bison buffalo captions Cats dinner eat feed noms - 6516838400
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Just One Really Big One.

big buffalo elmo Sesame Street watching TV - 6259794944
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Get Ready to Meet the Sharp Horn of the Law

buffalo car driving law nobody road slow down - 6405496576
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Drive Safely. Really.

buffalo dangerous driving safety slow down street - 6368979456
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Follow the Clues

buffalo drugs giraffes high lawn munchies stash tasty - 6290755840
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