Animal Comedy


He Tasted Like Canada

boss cat i ate him I Can Has Cheezburger - 5506203904
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Now You Know Who's Boss!

bugs down boss funny - 7969690368
By Unknown

Manatees Can be a Bit Bossy

boss manatees banana - 7947981312
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Laugh at His Puns....or ELSE.

scary boss teeth puns sharks - 7108481280
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Hope You Stocked Up on Health Potions

boss captions fish mouth scary video games - 6566413312
By GalderGollum

Meet Your New Manager

boss coffee cup work yelling - 6125870592
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Mai Beak Wont Werk

beak bird boss coffee drink Owl straw - 5980633856
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And I Suppose There Was a Giraffe at the Next Intersection?

best of the week boss elephant Hall of Fame job work - 5660453632
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You're All Fired

boss frog gentlemen job leaf leaves official - 5259655680
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*Checks tommorows weather w/ app, see's it will be sunny* Practices scratchy sick voice for calling into work

evil raccoon plotting work weather boss sick - 6594113536
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