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We Don't Sparkle

angry barking best of the week Hall of Fame i dare you twilight vampires wolf yelling - 6267005440
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Completely Atypical Toddler

best of the week blanket blankets Hall of Fame mouse rats sleeping teddy bear - 5781788160
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You, Of Course, Are Totally Normal

best of the week cuddle cute family Hall of Fame hugs sloths squee weird - 5782192896
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An Iz Roks It

best of the week cute Flower flowers Hall of Fame hamsters hat hats i has mouse - 6299578368
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At Work Everyday

annoyed best of the week Hall of Fame idiots Owl owls - 6252710144
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I've Got to Change Up Our Netflix Queue

annoyed best of the week bite couple eating Hall of Fame head lions movies netflix too much watching zombie - 6245074176
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That Cartoon Has Ruined Everything

angry best of the week damn it Hall of Fame hands on hips indignant patrick SpongeBob SquarePants starfish - 6239736064
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We're Screwed

alpaca alpacas apocalypse best of the week gang Hall of Fame llamas puns run scary - 6237325824
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It's a Magical World

best of the week calvin and hobbes Hall of Fame kid kids tail tiger tigers - 6242972160
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Bunch of Speciesist Jerks

angry baby best of the week circle of life disney Hall of Fame holding up nothing otters song - 6231744000
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Not the Smartest Thing to Say to a Cop

bear best of the week cop cub cute donut Hall of Fame lost police smell - 6230214400
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Hurry, This One Won't Last Long

best of the week dancing feel frog frogs Hall of Fame song - 6230281984
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Well, Ain't This Just Ducky

adopted best of the week birds different duckling ducklings ducks eggs Hall of Fame Interspecies Love Owl owls parenting stuck - 6210701824
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Even Lions Have These Moments

best of the week depressing facepalm Hall of Fame lion lions stupidity - 6218851584
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He Will Have Revenge

best of the week evil fennec fox fennec foxes firefox foxes Hall of Fame knows plotting revenge - 6204622080
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Honey Badger PSA

badgers best of the week care Hall of Fame psa sometimes - 6162337792
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