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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "Thought I had a picky eater. Turns out, he just doesn't like eating out of a bowl,  We've had a rescue dog about 3 months. He's always been sort of a picky eater, and he'd take mouthfuls of food to eat away from his bowl. He eventually just stopped eating all together. After ruling out illness, we started trying different foods, additives, timing, etc. Nothing really helped."

Picky Doggo Refuses To Eat Out Of Bowl, Teaches Human Valuable Lesson About Random Quirks Possessed By Dogs

Silly goose- we mean dog!
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Obvious Advice Fox Knows You Can't Get Stronger if You're Dead

bears fox advice - 8397408000
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Irving the Philosopher Strikes Again

advice beautiful - 8368128768
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Those Sloths Have it Figured Out!

life advice sloths slow funny - 7961641216
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Plenty to See, but Not a Single Nibble

advice fish idioms sea - 7952215808
By Unknown

Sound Advice from a Tiny Shrew

advice deep tiny - 7900925184
See all captions By TuckerBentley

Bunny Advice

hare advice - 7360842240
See all captions By RBSHORTT

You'll Want to Get That Looked At ASAP

ducks tracks advice cement - 7065067008
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note to self grass deer advice hunting derp season - 6791550720
See all captions By Winnie-Wonka

If There's One Thing I've Learned

car never phone lying advice trust moose - 6767162880
See all captions By Equinoqs

You're Wasting Your Time

fishing penguins snob advice - 6678988800
See all captions By MJKittyMom

Always Bet on the Tiger

tiger running love advice wisdom - 6601798656
See all captions By Donegan4255

Pup's Insecurities

advice cat hedgehog - 6506659328
See all captions By CapMan007

Though it Looks Plenty Big from Here

advice ass bigger donkey feet touch - 6470002176
See all captions By furrgetmenot

You Do Not Get My Seal of Approval

advice dress fashion girl seal shoes - 6455071744
See all captions By EasyMeow

How Do You Mess Up Raw Fish?

advice bear cooking food gross note to self sick - 6406126592
See all captions By YesSirmam
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