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15 screenshots from a reddit thread about an otter holding a stick | Thumbnail includes a photo of an otter holding himself up by holding a stick 'Yer an otter Harry Gandotter You really ought'r listen to the wise one.'

Otterly Adorable Otter Supports Himself With A Stick, Reddit Chimes In With South Park Puns

Otters, the time has come!
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I'd Be Mad Too

photo of cat with hot dogs
Via tumblr

Normally They Show Too Much Teeth When They Smile...

sharks Photo say cheese smile - 8086754304
Created by Unknown

The Camera Loves Them!

cute birds friends pose Photo - 7986783232
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Pickles is Always Ready for a Photo Op

Photo pose monkeys zoo - 7916532480
Created by Unknown

It Was Going to be an Awesome Shot

trees birds Photo - 7859547136
Created by Unknown

Seagull Wants Some Privacy

privacy seagulls Photo - 7579217408
See all captions Created by MirageBD

Then Don't Send Her This One

hands Photo iguanas - 7069616896
See all captions Created by pollyme2

The Judges Really Have Their Work Cut Out For Them This Year!

benedict cumberbatch lookalike otters Photo contest - 7005378816
See all captions Created by jennybookseller

That Always Happens

lions roaring Photo - 6828173824
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

We All Thought We Looked Cool

everyone hair high school lion Photo - 6492057600
See all captions Created by wittypirate

No One Cares About Your Kid, Trust Me

baby child kid mom mother newborn Photo picture stfu - 5685324800
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