I Has A Hotdog

german shepherd

Come On Big Fella, Let's Get Into the Noms Cabinet

german shepherd puppy - 8330349312
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german shepherd swimming - 64537857

Bella Does Not Want To Stop Swimming

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Waiting on That Growth Spurt

german shepherd puppies ears - 8186975744
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Wake Up, My Breakfast Making Minions!

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Who Needs Cake, When There's Meat!

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This is Why Dogs Shouldn't Be in Charge of the Grocery List

german shepherd refrigerator food meat - 6965031936
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Mystery Solved

door german shepherd refrigerator light mystery food - 6962993152
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Well, I'm At Least 60% Ears...

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Chillie Dawg

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War of the Woofs

Aliens german shepherd pool noms - 6947068672
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OK, wut did they do this time...

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Doggie Photo Shoot

german shepherd distracted squirrel photoshoot - 6688694016
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Goggie Gif: Goggie's First Year

gifs german shepherd growing up - 6723928320
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Interrupt My Sleep At Your Own Risk

german shepherd weekends sleeping in angry beware - 6575375360
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Cheezburger PSA: Drink Responsibly

german shepherd hose psa categoryimage - 6559250944
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