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12 reddit text images, creepy pet store employee | thumbnail blue background "small talk about what animals i have and such. he was nice and gave me the crickets and i went to get whatever else i needed. he was at the register and at this store they always ask for your phone number so that you can get points and rewards, i put it in the pin pad thinking absolutely nothing, pay and leave. "

Pet Store Employee Violates Privacy Of Lizard Toting Shopper, She Reports His Creepy Behavior

Creepy af
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19 text comments vet office interactions | thumbnail blue background "Exotic vet with my iguana. They don't make cute carriers for iguanas so she was in a large Rubbermaid bin. Person with tiny bird in case: so what do you have in there? *nervous* Me: an iguana! Bird person: sooo ummm what do they eat? Me: *knowing where this is going*. They eat fruits and veggies. They're herbivores. Bird person: *relaxing entire body* oh cool"

Pet Owners Recount Their Most Memorable Veterinarian's Office Interactions: The Funniest, Cutest And Overall Most Ridiculous Stories

What goes down at the Vet's office definitely does not stay at the Vet's office
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "So a few weeks ago a family friend came to me asking if I'd being willing to watch their pets/house while they were away for the weekend for a family trip. Let it be known they also foster pets and they had a full house (20 some animals). I said yes as I love their pets (I had pet/house sat for them before), plus I love animals in general and I already had booked the exact days off from work for another reason"

Petsitter Calls Out Sick One Day Prior To Gig, Pet Owner Totally Loses It On Him

Not an ideal situation
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Stubborn Pig is Trained How to Ask for Food in a Very Sassy Way

Stubborn Pig is Trained How to Ask for Food in a Very Sassy Way

Careful how you train your piggies
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "When I called to ask why she hadn't been by yet she told me that actually they were having trouble getting into my bedroom because she had locked the door the night before. There is not a key to that door. She calls a locksmith to let her in. Anyway she sent me an invoice for $150. She says that locking my bedroom door wasn't her fault because I didn't leave a note saying not to lock it."

Petsitter Hits Pet Owner With A Fat Locksmith Bill After Locking Herself Out Of Pet's Room

Is she serious
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A compilation of 5 tiktok videos with rats doing random things | Thumbnail includes three rats; one eating, one kissing a human, and one eating a snowball 'Look at those tiny hands 🥰 mlem Little snowball'

A Ratalicious Tiktok Compilation Of Romance, Rebelliance, And Reactions

Rats should not be slept on
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Marilyn Manson's Pet Goat

animals goat pet - 8450838528
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No Big Deal...

pet walking fish weird - 7881306368
Created by Unknown

Tough Choice

cute pet lion - 7544169984
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Maybe We Can Train it To Bring Us Food

found too big human Owl pet eating kill followed me home - 6669254144
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But He Followed Me Home!

can i keep him followed me home friends hug mom pet polar bear wolf - 6483021824
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Sadly, They Don't Stay That Way

bunnies camera cute holding human kids pet - 6432955136
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Best. Spokeskitty. Ever.

best of the week big cats captions cheetah cub cubs Hall of Fame kitty leopard leopards pet - 6341643520
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Target is Attempting to Pet. Fire Now!

countdown llama pet spitting target acquired - 6046047232
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Capshun Contest - Cuddly New Pet

art awww caption contest mixed media pet - 5436237824
Via Villejavat

As Long as You Take Him for his Walks

animals cat friends friendship I Can Has Cheezburger love pet turtle - 5491337216
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