Animal Comedy


Giraffe Tongue Twisters

giraffes licking tree - 6522156544
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But I S'pose It'll Do

flavor fox licking windows - 6480939520
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Still Punny Even When Distressed

bear licking nervous pun scary - 6408936704
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He's Changed

bear changed kissing licking lost love woods - 6409555968
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Does it Come in a Smaller Portion?

bowl cat dolphin food licking tasty too big - 6421437184
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I Don't See What Yogi's Complaining About

delicious eating licking tiger - 5781644032
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When You're That Cute, It Doesn't Matter

corgis cute face gross i has a hotdog licking thanks - 5276907264
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Tell It Like It Is, Maru!

animals Cats cleaning I Can Has Cheezburger leave me alone licking maru privacy - 5096963072
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I thought tongues only froze to metal... this is so embarrassing.

foxes freezing embarrassing stuck licking tongues window - 6813477888
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