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10 text images from Reddit AITA thread | thumbnail features two side by side images, on the left is a blue heeler dog sitting on grass, on the right side is a couple fighting with the woman in a white shirt and the man wearing a blue shirt, overlaid text reads "AITA for "forcing" my husband to bring his dog to work with him today? / Not the A-hole"

Wife Runs To Reddit After Husband Gets Sent To The Doghouse

Get Back To Work, Dog!
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10 Reddit text images from AITA thread | thumbnail features two side by side images, on the left is an angry grandma waving her finger at the camera, on the right is a tabby cat standing on a cat tree, overlaid text reads "Not the A-hole / AITA for giving my daughter's pets grandchildren" gifts and offending my son in the process?"

Grandma Gifts A Cat Tree And Son Gets Upset– Hilarity Ensues

Merry Christmas Everyone
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10 text images from Reddit AITA thread | thumbnail features two side by side images, on the left is a young girl being yelled at by her father, on the right is a sad looking little dog with black ears and a white face, overlaid text reads "AITA for taking away my kids' dog / Not the A-hole"

Redditors React To Dad Punishing Kids And Taking The Dog Away

Go To Your Room!
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11 reddit text images, woman tells woman to leash her dog | thumbnail blue background text "I was sitting on the benches enjoying the sun, when the dog races up to another child who screams for their mom to pick them up. Dog lady comes up after the dog, apologizing and saying 'he just loooooooves kids so much!' I usually don't say anything because not my circus, not my monkey. I was in an off mood today tho, so I snap 'You need to socialize your f*cking dog, or leash it

Dog Owning Karen Takes Dog For A Stroll In The Park Off Leash, Thoughtful Bystander Interjects

Come onnn
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kids raising funny turtles - 5738193920
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kids cute sheep funny Video - 109831

These Kids Just Found a New Mode of Transportation

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birds kids parenting funny Video - 72027905

Maybe They'll Get Better With Practice?

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Pets Finally Get Revenge on These Kids

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kids goats cute pajamas Video animals - 71609857

Nothing Will Make You Want To Change Clothes And Relax More Than These Baby Goats In Pajamas

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cute kids goats sweater - 71392769

What Could Be Better Than Tiny Goats In a Sweater?

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And Turn Me Right-Side Down!

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You Don't Have to, You're a Snow Monkey

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Moms Face the Same Issues No Matter What

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Looks Pretty Good Though Really

crayons kids parrot - 8399607552
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And Bring a Jacket, it Gets Cold

Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Looks Totally Natural Too

llama kids bald - 8428143872
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