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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "I told him everything. That I'm freaked out over what's wrong with Bella because they've done these tests and they don't know what's up. Finally he fucking tells me he's been LYING about the whole thing. Bella does go but he just didn't wanna pick up the poop. He didn't tell me because he knew I'd get mad since they only walk around this block; which means he's been letting her go on the neighbors yards and not picking it up."

Dude Hires His Brother To Dog Walk As A Favor, Loses It When He Discovers His Bro Has Been Lying About The Dog's Health

Well, he tried to help
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And How Can I Gets a Job There?

job nuts squirrel - 8338295040
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This is Discrimination and We Won't Stand for It!

job puns owls hooters confused - 7010198528
See all captions By katiesinger

It Finally Quit

hair toupee job donald trump caterpillar - 6952668416
By Unknown

It's a Tough Job

job lilypad sleeping resting frogs - 6899177728
See all captions By ganno86

Don't Make The Same Mistake This Canadian Home Owner Did.

job snow weather seals puns igloo - 6863414528
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What's an Owl Gotta Do to Make it in This Town?

Sad acting Harry Potter job owls - 6866304256
By Unknown

There's a Car! No Wait, it's Just Snow

polar bear job lonely rush hour waving - 6605739264
See all captions By echeg5

There Weren't Even Any Owls in There

blue-footed boobies hooters restaurant strange two job bird - 6586204416
See all captions By MallardVHS

Wonder If a Bear Can Retire

bear climbing job tired - 6422892544
See all captions By Sarah398

It Could Ruin Me

cereal job mascot phobia problem toucan - 6105299712
See all captions By renadee

That Poor Horsepower Must Be Starving!

car fix help horse i have no idea what im doing job mechanic - 5935390464
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She Has a Gift

demotivator historic lols job work - 5627063552
By xyzpdq1

And I Suppose There Was a Giraffe at the Next Intersection?

best of the week boss elephant Hall of Fame job work - 5660453632
See all captions By sandybeach

Not Now or Ever...

idiot job stupid tattoo wtf - 5644795392
Via Flying Scotsman

You're All Fired

boss frog gentlemen job leaf leaves official - 5259655680
See all captions By FunnyPants
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