Animal Comedy


Did You do That on Porpoise?

funny narwhal impressions seals - 8258781440
Via Animal Capshunz

Who Do You Think You Are? Keanu Reeves??

impressions eagles birds stunt avian - 6686071296
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I Also Do a Great Seal

impressions whale prarie dog jumping - 6671884288
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Terrific Tribble!

bunnies bunny doing it right impressions rabbits Star Trek - 5937292288
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Mom, This Trip to Yellowstone Sucks!

animals branches idiots impressions moose trees - 5303643136
By Unknown

Rug? Or Flying Squirrel?

animals Cats I Can Has Cheezburger impressions - 5208752384
By edodd.flash

Texas? Again? Really?

george w bush impressions Mitt Romney politicians Pundit Kitchen Republicans Rick Perry - 5198262528
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Get Your Priorities Straight, Cat!

animals Cats dinosaurs I Can Has Cheezburger impressions jobs lazy - 5166128640
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And What Would You Know About Fashion, Cat?

animals Cats fashion I Can Has Cheezburger impressions shoes stupid - 5163731200
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